Sunday, January 18, 2009

Traveler in Hollywood 1/17/09

Traveler was off to Los Angeles with Tony, Jill and Sally for a weekend at the Magic Castle and for a book signing in the Valley...
The World Famous Magic Castle- place of mystery and magic! I hope they know I am coming...
I worked hard on Saturday afternoon to set up Tony's artwork for his signing and memorabilia sale. I think I did a great job!

I set up his books for the book signing... Over the evening, I almost sold out of the books!

Here are some of his posters, they look awesome!

I have to say, I really do have a good eye for this kind of thing...

One of TC's Houdini posters! I sold a whole bunch of these...

His new giclees- thanks to my hard work, Tony sold three of them during this event!

Later I stopped by Tony's Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame... Move away people, I know this guy! Don't step on this star!!!

Jean Harlow's hand and foot prints at Grauman's Chinese Theater! She must have been tiny!

Marilyn Monroe!

Tonight we have a screening of Tony's movie, Houdini at the Castle. I can't wait! I hope Tony will introduce me from the audience...

Don't worry peeps, I am a professional, I won't let Hollywood go to my head.


Geminigirl said...

Traveler, you are a cutie!

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