Thursday, February 25, 2010

Traveler's Mexican Vacation

Well, as you probably already know, Tony brought us to Cabo San Lucas for Jill's 40th birthday. Of course, I was invited as it just wouldn't be a trip without me!

I tried to tell Jill that I was on vacation and didn't need to blog, but she insisted...

Tony took us to a beautiful hotel halfway between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. As always, I immediately immersed myself into the culture...

Hola Amigos!

This is the Mexican flag, The Bandera Mexicana. The red, white and green colors are of the National Liberation Army of Mexico. The symbol in the center is an Aztec pictogram for what is now Mexico City. Aztec legend dictated that they should found their city where they saw an Eagle eating a snake. It's a cool flag!

This is the lobby of our hotel. The statue is of Angel's Wings- it is said that the Angels found Paradise here and didn't need their wings any longer...

The hotel from the beach. Isn't it cool?

This is the Sea of Cortes. The Girls were able to see whales breaching each day not far off shore! It is also known as the Vermilian Sea, and you can see why by the color...

We went into the small town of San Jose Del Cabo to do some shopping. This area was once a beautiful estuary which included a fresh water river and Spanish Galleons used to stop here to take on fresh water as they traveled from Acapulco to the Philippines. In 1587, Thomas of Cavendish, a British pirate, sacked the Spanish galleon, Santa Ana, and put 190 survivors ashore at the estuary. That prompted King Phillip II of Spain to protect Spanish shipping by sending soldiers and Jesuit missionaries to colonize Baja California. This is the spot where the first mission was established in 1730. This church, the Church of St. Joseph, which was built on the spot of the original mission.
Over the Church's entry, a tile mosaic shows Indians (the original inhabitants of the Baja Peninsula were called the Pericu), dragging Father Nicolas Tamaral to his death. It is was the Pericu's final act of rebellion after Tamaral established the original mission.

The interior of the Church. The banners read "Today is the time" and "Right Now is the favored time". The time for what, I wondered?

Anyway, we had a great trip- but now it is back to Vegas and back to work!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Traveler Amid the Red Rocks of Sedona 12/16/09

Well, we are back in Sedona, AZ, for another art showing in the Goldenstein Gallery. It's much colder here now than it was last time we came. There is even some snow up on the peaks.

Today, we decided to get out and take a Jeep tour with Pink Jeep Tours...

Our Jeep. She's pink and she is beautiful...

We headed out to do the Broken Arrow trail and then to see some ancient ruins!

We are in the Coconino National Forest...

The red rocks are just breathtaking!

I just love looking at all of the scenery...

That is Submarine Rock out there in the middle of the green trees.

A close up of Submarine Rock. I climbed on it.

The Jeep went up and down incredible trails, it was so much fun! This is a trail we drove down.

Here is a Prickly Pear cactus that has been eaten by Javalinas! Javalinas are wild pigs, I tried to find one but they were nowhere to be seen. I wonder if they look anything like Jimmy Dean?

This is a cliff dwelling called Palatki. It was inhabited by the Sinagua People who built the dwelling in approx 1100 ad. They are the same people who built Montezuma's Castle which I visited on my last trip.

See the dwelling?

This is a painting called a Pictograph. It is thought that the white circle painting was used as a sort of family crest which belonged to the people who lived in these particular set of rooms.

From time to time, rocks still break off and fall from the cliffs. Here is one piece that looks ready to fall at any moment! "Ah, Sally, hold up there, I think your shoe is untied..."

Afterwards the Girls brought me to Mickey-D's. The Sedona McDonald's is the only one not to have yellow arches! In Sedona the arches are turquoise. It was thought the yellow would clash with the red rocks. I like the blue!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Traveler Explores Chicago's Field Museum 12/5/09

We had some time off during the day, so I took the Girls into Chicago to the Field Museum.

This is Sue, a T-Rex. Sue is famous, just like me. While I am known for my cuteness and insight, she is famous for being the most complete and best preserved T-Rex skeleton ever found!

The Girls insisted in going to watch a 3D movie about Egypt, but Sally forgot to get me some 3D glasses of my own. Now I have a headache...

Back outside, I checked out an early horse skeleton. Looks a lot like Charlie...

These are the Man Eating Lions of Tsavo! These two mane less male lions killed approx 35 people in 1898 in Kenya! "Oh Sally, come on over here for a moment. I have something I would like you to see. Here kitty, kitty, kitty ..."

After Sally didn't show up, I headed off on my own to discover more cool things in the museum. This is a Crow headdress. How beautiful!

The Field Museum has a large collection of authentic Indian clothes. "Excuse me sir, is that horse hair or human hair hanging from that shirt?"

This is my favorite part of the museum...

Look at this beautiful dress- those are Elk teeth used as decorations.

This is a huge Bison, as you already know, they were extremely important to the Native Americans.

Later that night, it was off to work. I manned the beaded horseshoe area of the table. We have made almost $500.00 for the Shiloh Horses so far with the shoes.

Joe and I stood by as Tony's Security while he signed. Tony and I worked and signed for five hours straight last night!

During my break (and after I briefed Joe about security protocol), I met a new friend. This is Domo and he lives in the theater's limo where he brings Good Luck.

We rested and chatted a bit by the fire...

But, it was a long, long day and I was tired. So were Jill's feet, so I guarded her shoes until we were ready to go home...

Friday, December 4, 2009

Traveler in Chicago

Here I am in The Windy City, and I will tell you it is FREEZING! Tony and I are in town to do some book signings and movie screenings. But, I had a few hours off and decided to get out and see some sights...
I found myself on State Street- that great street, I just want to say, they do things they don't do on Broadway... Chicago, Chicago, that toddling town...

We were up in the Trump Tower for some press. Look at that view! You can see where the Chicago river flows into Lake Michigan. Did you know that the name Chicago came from a French translation of Native American word, shikaakwa, which means "wild onion"?

I went outside to get a closer view of the Chicago River...

Here is a plaque commemorating the French explorer La Salle's journey down the river in December 1681. They must have been so cold in their wet buckskins!

Here is the site of Fort Dearborn, built in 1803. It's right off of the river and Michigan avenue.

Plaques in the street and sidewalk show where the fort actually stood.

Sally and I went into the fort to see if we cold get warm. We couldn't...

This statue by the fort depicts the Fort Dearborn Massacre in 1812.

Monday, November 16, 2009

My Pen Pal

While I was in New York, I received this email from my Pen Pal, Carson:

"Hello Traveler.......while you've been gone, I've been partying "Las Vegas style"......give me a call when you get back and I'll take you out for a night of clubbing. Our new motto: Party Hearty and Party Naked....yee haw!

Your friend, Carson"

Jill told me that she thinks Carson will be a bad influence on me, and not to show this to Sally as she might get ideas.

I think I need my own iPhone so I can read my email in private...

Traveler Cruises New York Harbor

We were up early on this cold, windy and rainy day- the Girls chose a perfect day for a Harbor Cruise!

Jill was so engrossed in her iPhone that she almost didn't notice me slipping off of her shoulder! But, of course, she caught me- unlike Sally. Hey Jill, check the weather on that thing- is it safe to go on a boat today? Maybe we should do some shopping on 5th Avenue instead?

There is Ellis Island! Tony's mother and father came through there when they arrived from Hungary in the early 1920's...

Lady Liberty! She is so beautiful...

The Brooklyn Bridge. Sally tried to sell me a piece of the bridge, but Jill told me not to listen to her. So, I didn't.

That is the United Nations building.