Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Traveler's Last Day in Montreal

Today was our last day in Montreal. We had a good time and I was very busy...

"I made sure TC's interviews ran smoothly... Okay, buddy, let's move it along!"
"I kept a sharp eye out for anyone who looked odd..."
"I even sipped his drink to make sure it was safe to drink..."
"TC met the Mayor of Montreal and signed their Golden Book... Not too close Mr. Mayor! I don't care who you are..."

"I watched a crazy person dance in front of a large crowd who had gathered to watch TC's movie, Some Like it Hot on an outdoor screen. My girls said this guy was nuts but I sure enjoyed his dancing..."

"I even watched over The Big Boss..."
"I loved TC's art work. His art show was a big success!"
"I wish I was an artist..."

It's a wrap. Back home to Vegas. Next stop for Traveler in a few weeks- ROME...

In Old Montreal

Saturday was another busy day here in Montreal. As usual, my girls had me up and dressed early. The Film Festival is a very big deal here and there are many other activities in the community going on at the same time.

The girls brought me to an 18th century outdoor market...

"This will be fun!"

"I stopped to hear a street musician. I like him, but is this what musicians looked like in the 18th century?"
"Look at these old style shoes and boots! I wish I could wear shoes..."A Teepee! I don't remember the Natives using suitcases..."
Some French miltitary demonstrators drilled in the square . Some of the guys looked my way, but they didn't ask me to join them. I was upset about that, but my girls said they wanted me to stay close to them so I didn't get lost..."

"Look at this pretty lady, she must be very important!Excuse me ma'am, do you need a bodyguard? Ma'am?"

"Here come the soldiers! Are they coming for me? Over here guys! Then, the soldiers fired off some rounds, and it scared me. It was so loud that I was shaking. Maybe I'm just not cut out to be a soldier..."

Later in the car, Tony made me feel better when he asked me to keep an eye on him at the afternoon's event."

"Yes Sir!"

"I've got your back TC! Hey, watch that microphone buddy, you'll poke someone's eye out! Not too close people! You, lady with the glasses, stop making such a weird face! Give him some air..."

Another great ending to a busy day in Montreal.

Off to Montreal

Well, we were off to Montreal early Thursday morning...

A trading post was established here in 1611 and was the base for French exploration in North America. Later, the area was named Ville-Marie, and finally came to be known as Montreal. It is the second largest city in Canada, located in the Province of Quebec. It is very French!

Heading to the Vegas airport, Traveler helps the driver find the way...
He catches an in flight movie...
Once in Montreal, he waits with the luggage wondering what great adventures the girls have in store for him this time.
"We are here for the Montreal Film Festival which will be showing the Shiloh Documentary!"
Traveler hits the streets of historic Old Montreal. "My girls bought me this wonderful collar with my name on it!"

An old alleyway...
"This is China Town!"
"Look at all this stuff!" The harbor of Old Montreal.

"The beautiful St Lawrence River waterway. Montreal was a natural meeting place for natives and Europeans for hundreds of years."
These are the graves of 38 colonists and converted Natives who died between 1643-1654. Most of these were killed in fighting with the Iroquois Indians!"
"In 1701 1300 Natives came to Montreal to sign a peace treaty with the French. Thirty nine Native Delegates signed the treaty by drawing symbols which represented their names. The Natives had no written language. This one looks like a boar."
Montreal was full of fur trappers, I found two of them."
The girls interrupted our fun day by bringing me into IGA, a supermarket, which sells Cheval, or horse meat. I did not want to be in this photo, I was faint and felt a bad colic coming on..."
"My girls are always looking out for new opportunities for me. They bought me this awesome Canadian Mountie uniform. It fits me like a glove!"
"I have appointed myself as Tony's bodyguard for the Film Festival. Here I am watching for any signs of trouble below. All Clear Below!"
"Blogging today's adventures. Je suis si chanceux!"

At Ford's Theater

Today was the last day of the trip. We had a flight to catch back to Sin City, but before we left, the Girls had another surprise for me...

Off I went on Sally's shoulder...
Even our friend Jo from Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue was along to see where our adventure was going to be...

The Girls bought me this wonderfully patriotic hat, I just LOVE it!
Oh yes! Look where we are going! It's the Peterson House, the very house where President Lincoln died on April 15, 1865! He had been shot by John Wilkes Booth right across the street in Ford's Theater and was carried to this small house.

Lets go Sally!

Here is where his wife, Mary Lincoln, waited the night out as her husband lay dying. She had fainted and they would not allow her back into his room. I heard she was a little nuts...

More of the room. This must have been an awful place, crowded with worried and scared people.

Here is the bed (not the actual one, it's a reproduction) that the President died on. He was so tall that he had to lay sideways to fit, but his feet still hung off.

What a very sad ending for such an incredible man. To die in this dingy little room ater all he had done for our country...

More about the room...

A sign in the bedroom.

A small garden right outside the back door.

This is Ford's Theater where he was shot. It is closed for renovations so we could not go in.

From Gettysburg to Ford's Theater, I learned alot about President Lincoln. I am so glad my Girls brought me on this trip. I wonder where we will be heading next? I heard we might be off to Rome very soon! Yippee!

Traveler at Gettysburg!

"Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a great battle-field of that war." -Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Adress

It was going to be a day at Gettysburg! I could hardly wait...
The girls bought me this beautiful new red coat. They are so sweet to me!

Off we went, here I am on Jill's shoulder. The Girls picked up their own personal Gettysburg guide who drove us around the battlefield. What a great way to see the park! The Battle of Gettysburg lasted three days, from July 1-3, 1863.

This house in the town of Gettysburg still has a projectile in it's brickwork. It is the black round thing near the top left of the top window.

This marker shows the very spot where Union General Reynolds was shot off of his horse and killed instantly at the beginning of the fighting.

This is Sally, the mascot of one of the Pennsylvannia Infantry Divisions. Sally survived the Confederate Charge and was later found on the field by her regiment licking the wounds of the injured PA men.
I love Sally...

The white dot in the far field by the trees is where Pickett's Charge started, one of the bloodiest moments in the battle. Robert E. Lee stood there watching his men storm across the field. Union soldiers shot at the charge from the small rock wall in front of me. The charge failed and many Southern men died here.

The copse of trees which was the visual marker for the Confederate troops who were involved in Pickett's Charge. It is a obvious landmark in the center of the field, which was at the middle of the Union line (it's weakest point).

The "Angle" area that crushed Pickett's Charge...

There was violent fighting in this wheatfield.

Little Round Top, a major landmark for the Union. This hill stood as the Union's left flank. The confederates tried to go around and up this hill but failed.

The Devil's Den looking down from Little Round Top. Confederate snipers hid in the bunches of rocks and shot at the Union Soldiers on the hill. They killed many Union men from this incredible distance...

One of the Union Commanders was shot in the neck and killed instantly on the large rock to my front left. He was killed by a sharpshooter from Devil's Den.

Taking a small break...

I watched a renactment of the 5th Maine drilling. They fought for the Confederates.

Our wonderful and extremely knowledgable guide, Tom. Thanks Tom!

"The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here..." -From the Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln