Monday, November 16, 2009

My Pen Pal

While I was in New York, I received this email from my Pen Pal, Carson:

"Hello Traveler.......while you've been gone, I've been partying "Las Vegas style"......give me a call when you get back and I'll take you out for a night of clubbing. Our new motto: Party Hearty and Party Naked....yee haw!

Your friend, Carson"

Jill told me that she thinks Carson will be a bad influence on me, and not to show this to Sally as she might get ideas.

I think I need my own iPhone so I can read my email in private...

Traveler Cruises New York Harbor

We were up early on this cold, windy and rainy day- the Girls chose a perfect day for a Harbor Cruise!

Jill was so engrossed in her iPhone that she almost didn't notice me slipping off of her shoulder! But, of course, she caught me- unlike Sally. Hey Jill, check the weather on that thing- is it safe to go on a boat today? Maybe we should do some shopping on 5th Avenue instead?

There is Ellis Island! Tony's mother and father came through there when they arrived from Hungary in the early 1920's...

Lady Liberty! She is so beautiful...

The Brooklyn Bridge. Sally tried to sell me a piece of the bridge, but Jill told me not to listen to her. So, I didn't.

That is the United Nations building.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Traveler at the Commissioning of the USS New York

We attended the commissioning of the USS New York on Saturday morning, what an huge honor!

This is the sixth ship to bear the name, the New York. She is made with actual steel from the World Trade Centers and her motto is Strength Forged Through Sacrifice, Never Forget.

Heading off early to the event- the security is really tight!

I think you can let me off here...

First we attended a reception on the USS Intrepid, an aircraft carrier which served in WWII and was hit by Kamikaze planes! The Intrepid is now a wonderful museum.

A jet on the intrepid.

I met this cute little dog- she is a Service Dog! Her name is Millie May and she senses seizures in her owner before they occur. What a smart girl! I spent a great deal of time talking with her...

Outside for the ceremony, there goes the Color Guard!

Hilary Clinton spoke. Hey Girl!

The Secretary of the Navy...

There is Rudy!

My video montage of the day:

What a wonderful and moving day!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Traveler Enjoys Central Park on 11/5/09

Here I am in Times Square, I love New York!

Maybe someday I will have my name up in lights, just like Coca Cola. Whoever he is...

We went for a walk in Central Park. I stopped for a drink at this fresh water trough. This water trough was presented to the ASPCA by Mrs. Henry Russell in 1908. Did you know the ASPCA was started because in 1866 a passerby intervened with a cart driver who was whipping his horse in New York City? This trough is still used today by the carriage horses who work in Central Park. The girls hate to see these horses working on the hard streets, pulling tourists around...

The leaves on the trees are changing and everything is looking beautiful.

Sally and I stopped for a moment to enjoy the fall leaves. So far, Sally has been very nice to me...

Along the way, I stopped to hear a guy playing music...

This is a real guy, dressed up like a bronze statue. He is celebrating the Yankees World Series win!

As I strolled by, he asked me to join him, so I did!

We stopped to watch the Carousel- I think this horse's bit is too tight! I was worried about him, but the girls reassured me...

Then, I went for a ride!

New York City!

I am back in New York and I have a full schedule so it will be a busy ten days!

I just thought I would post this quick photo of me in Central Park this morning, more to come very soon so keep an eye on the blog!

I love Central Park!