Monday, November 16, 2009

My Pen Pal

While I was in New York, I received this email from my Pen Pal, Carson:

"Hello Traveler.......while you've been gone, I've been partying "Las Vegas style"......give me a call when you get back and I'll take you out for a night of clubbing. Our new motto: Party Hearty and Party Naked....yee haw!

Your friend, Carson"

Jill told me that she thinks Carson will be a bad influence on me, and not to show this to Sally as she might get ideas.

I think I need my own iPhone so I can read my email in private...


Found art blog said...

I think Carson's FABULOUS!!!!! I LOVE THIS!!

Sullivan McPig said...

Party naked?! But that would mean shaving of all your hair! Don't do it!!

ZDENNY said...

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