Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Traveler in Los Angeles 11/24/08

The girls brought me along on the trip to Los Angeles. Tony was coming into town to do The Bonnie Hunt Show, The Late Late Show, and a book signing at Book Soup in Hollywood.

The girls brought me to the Westwood Cemetary to visit Marilyn Monore's grave. There she is!

I tried to leave a kiss for her but the girls would not loan me any of their lipstick...

Back at the hotel. There is Sally, the little speck on the balcony. Hi Sally!

We went to Trader Vics for dinner. Yay baby!

I had a Mojito...

I love the mint. Jill let me chew on the mint leaves.

I also had a Mai Tai. Did you know that Trader Vics claims to have invented the Mai Tai?