Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Roman Cats

Today we visited the area where Julius Ceasar was assasinated in 44 B.C. It is called the Largo di Torre Argentina. It is believed that he was killed on the steps of Theatre of Pompey. While Marc Antony was anxiously waiting to warn Ceasar of an assasination plot in the Forum, Ceasar was intercepted by a group of Senators and lured into a room in the Theater. It was here that he was stabbed.
This is the square where it is said he was killed.

Is this part of the Theater?

Not only is this a place of historical value, but it is also the home to the well know Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary! You can see cats lounging around in the ruins and lots of people come to watch them. Here are some laying in the shade of the marble blocks.

There is one on the steps!

Sally went and played with that one, I hope she is careful and doesn't drop him like she did with you know who...

We went inside of the Sanctuary. Here are two cats eating some breakfast.

This is Bloody Mary, she likes to scratch! Every cat has a name and is brought in from the ruins to be spayed or nuetered and evaluated. Those that can find new homes are available for adoption. They have many older and crippled cats that are available for Long Distance Adoptions with a monthly support fee.

This sweet guy has neurologic problems, but he is happy and well loved in the Sanctaury.

Here is a kitten that someone dumped near the square. Irresponsible people regularly dump unwanted cats and kittens here. This puts a lot of strain on the Sanctuary. Why not check out their website and donate something? All the cats are welcome and loved and get any needed vet care. The Sanctuary runs only on donations and they can use the help.

Sally and my friend, Preston, played with the cats in the Nursery, which is really the Hospital Ward.

Jill and Tony "adopted" three cats. This is Flavia who is very afraid of people due to abuse. She had to have both ears amputated due to cancer soon after she arrived at the Sanctaury. Once she is settled in and gains some trust, she will be allowed to roam freely like all the other cats. Once a cat is over it's health issues, thay are allowed to roam freely in and out of the Sanctuary, who still feeds them daily. The Sanctuary provides food for over 200 cats each day.

Here is Spencer, who is blind in both eyes. Jill and Tony "adopted" him as well.

This is Gene Kelly, named for his long legs. One of his hind legs is paralyzed, but he still gets around and is a real character. Jill and Tony "adopted" him until a real home comes along for him. They even had a cat a few years ago who they named Tony Curtis. He was rehabilitated and adopted out to a new home.

It's so cool to see these cats laying among the rubble and ruins of this historic area. If you ever get to Rome, please do come here to see the cats! Or, think about a Long Distance Adoption like we did.


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