Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Traveler explores The Palatine

First day in Rome, there is lots to do and see!
Here are the Spanish Steps, built in 1723, they are known in Rome as the Scalinata. They are the widest and longest starway in Europe. They lead up to the Church of Trinità dei Monti.

The steps are a meeting place for many tourists and it is almost always crowded around here.
Next stop, The Palatine Hill. This is the centermost hill of the Seven Hills of Rome and is the ancient heart of the City. According to the legend, the Palatine was the site of the cave where Romulus and Remus were cared for by the female wolf. The cave was known as the Lupercal and it's location was believed to have been located in 2007.
Some of the Flavian Palace whose construction was begun in the Flavian Dynasty from 69-96 AD.

More of the Palace...

A view of the Coloseum from the Palatine.

Look at these beautiful trees which are all over Rome. The Girls mentioned that these would make wonderful shade trees for the pastures...

The view of the Forum from way up at the top of the hill...

Here are the remains of what they call the Romulus Huts, bronze age huts from the 9th Century BC. Rome got it's name from Romulus, who killed his brother Remus. Some believe that this is the settlement of Romulus and thus, the very start of Rome.

Looking down into a courtyard of a home on the hill. Many affluent people lived on the Palatine, including Emperors and Senators.

Part of a plaster decoration inside what was the home of Rome's first Emperor, Augustus who ruled in the mid First Century.

Another hallway atributed to Augustus' home.

Tomorrow, the Coloseum. Now where can I find a Gladiator outfit in my size?


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I wanna be Spartacus!!!!! Hope you get to try real Italian icecream while you're there...

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