Thursday, July 30, 2009

Traveler explores the Springs Preserve

Well, normally, I travel far and wide- but today I stayed closer to home and visited the Las Vegas Springs Preserve. I have never been here and I was so surprised about just how cool it was! If you live in the Vegas area, you have got to check this place out!

Did you know that Las Vegas means "The Meadows"? It got it's name from this very area!

In fact, the Springs that were once here were the beginning of the entire Vegas area. Travelers and Pioneers would stop here for water as they head further west. It was an oasis in the harsh desert and the perfect place to settle. Huge herds of cattle were even able to be grazed on the lush grass surrounding the Springs. Of course, Native Americans were here first and they used the water to cultivate gardens to grown food.

There are really cool trails all over this place!

They have a really neat interactive museum. It tells all about the area's history...

You can even experience a flash flood first hand! Now that was a bit scary!

They have a very good short film to watch as well. I learned all about what I can do to help conserve water in the desert.


Hammie en Gea said...

Hello Traveler!

Today my owner and I discovered your blog! We realy like blogs about little animals who travel! we have put your blog at our "blogs that I follow" list. Our blog is in dutch, but my owner is thinking about blogging in English and French too. Until that happens you could perhaps look at our pictures, beacause pictures tell a story too don't they?

Greetings from Holland,

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