Saturday, October 18, 2008

London- Day One 10/18/08

After an exhausting red eye flight from New York to London, I was beat. I was jet-lagged and really wanted to stay in the hotel room and get some sleep- but the girls made me go with them to help Tony sign some special books. These books are Limited Edition copies that are sold for more money and each one is hand signed by Tony. There are 1000 books total, I helped Tony sign 478 of them in an hour.

Here is the first stack...

keep up the good work Tony!

Yes, yes, that looks good.

At one point, I was helping Sally get the books ready. She was not paying attention to me as usual...

Sally, I'm slipping you cheeky little woman!

Help me! Do Something!


I just laid there on the floor. How embaressing. Thanks for nothing, Sally.
Later, I soaked in a hot bath. The girls showed me this cool little bath tub just for me...

Tomorrow, it's off to a Book Fair outside of London. I'll show Sally, she better have eyes in the back of her head...

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Oh, Andrea told me that I'm going to London this week, I wonder if we'll meet?? Hope so, I've heard a lot about you. Maybe we can trade tips on how not to get dropped.