Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New York- Day Two

An early morning, we had a full schedule ahead of us.

It was so early that the streets were empty...

I gave the driver directions to our first stop, The Today Show...

I watched Tony talk to Matt Lauer.

Here is Tony with his mom when he was little. What a cute little sailor suit Tony!

Next stop, Access Hollywood.

Getting ready for the interview...

After that, on to The View! Tony talked with all the girls before the show. Here he is with Whoopi!

It was a full audience...

Even "The Big Boss" made an appearance!

After our work was done, Tony showed us where he grew up in the city.

Tony and his family lived in this tenement building for a while. On the second floor right above the red awning.
Tony and his younger brother, Julius, lived in this building, when it used as an orphanage. His parents could not afford to take care of the boys, so they were placed here for a period of time.

Later, we shopped the streets. The girls bought me this great t-shirt.

Here the girls are embarrassing me again, as usual...

I tried to get them arrested by one of the city's finest, but he wouldn't do it. Maybe next time...

Then it was back to the hotel for a good dinner and, finally, a full night's sleep. Tomorrow it's more interviews. Watch for us on "Fox and Friends" on Fox News.


Meanwhile back at Shiloh:

All is good, everyone is fine. Elisa, AKA Officer Jim Dangle, is trying to keep everyone in line. Good Luck with that!

Some good news: Former Shiloh Horse, Wichita and her owner Erin, placed third in their first Hunter Jumper Show. They rode both on the flat and over fences. Great job guys, all of us at Shiloh are proud of you!


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