Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Traveler goes to the Beach

I just got home from our weekend in Coronado. I was kept so busy that Jill never gave me a chance to Blog! Tony and I worked very hard, meeting fans and signing autographs and books. But, as I always say, "there is no rest for the wicked"...

My view from my room's balcony. This hotel is so cool!

I spent Saturday on the beach.

I snuggled with Jill's sister, Sarah.

Then with Jill's brother, Clint.

Then, Sally buried me in the sand. But, not after she kicked sand in my eye. I guess every beach has a bully...

So, I built a sand castle to keep her away from me.
That point of land is called Point Loma. Point Loma is sometimes called "where California began" as it the site of the first European landing in California. On September 28, 1542 the Portuguese navigator, Juan Rodrigo Cabrillo docked his ship on the point. I wanted to visit the Cabrillo National Monument, but we didn't have time. Did you know Jill has a horse named Cabrillo? She named him after this area.

Later, Sally tried to tempt me into the tidal pools. I am not falling for that! Not tonight, Josephine!

She even tried to make me touch a Sea Anemone. Good try Sally, I am way ahead of you! You touch it.

The Hotel Del plays Tony's movie, Some Like it Hot, 24 hours a day!

Since people expect me to be "in the know" about Tony, I did some reading. This is Tony's new book that comes out on October 7th.

Later that evening, we attended a big event in the Ballroom. We watched Tony's clips and then Jill and Tony went on stage where Tony gave us all some behind the scenes stories about making the film and his life in Hollywood.

We had a wonderful time in Coronado!

Now, I am off to get some well deserved rest. We are heading to Sedona, AZ in two weeks.


Deborah Lee said...

Traveler, you are the coolest guy ever!! I will love following your adventures. Hopefully, if you get a chance, you can follow my OLD BAY CAN adventures on Facebook. I am just starting to get out into the world. I may have to learn from you how to me a wild, funny and exciting guy. lol

Found art blog said...

Well, it looks like you had a faboo time - wish I'd been there to throw the sand back though. And I have sharper teeth than a horse too....!!

Sullivan McPig said...

Looks like a great trip! I hope we'll go to a beach (again) soon too.

Hammie en Gea said...

Love the sea and the beach too, counting the days till we go again (have to wait a few weeks...)

Sharla Sanders, Founder, The Second Race said...

How cute, thanks for the chuckle!

rochelle said...

I think that the burying in the sand and getting sand kicked in the eye is traveler abuse.

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