Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Off to Montreal

Well, we were off to Montreal early Thursday morning...

A trading post was established here in 1611 and was the base for French exploration in North America. Later, the area was named Ville-Marie, and finally came to be known as Montreal. It is the second largest city in Canada, located in the Province of Quebec. It is very French!

Heading to the Vegas airport, Traveler helps the driver find the way...
He catches an in flight movie...
Once in Montreal, he waits with the luggage wondering what great adventures the girls have in store for him this time.
"We are here for the Montreal Film Festival which will be showing the Shiloh Documentary!"
Traveler hits the streets of historic Old Montreal. "My girls bought me this wonderful collar with my name on it!"

An old alleyway...
"This is China Town!"
"Look at all this stuff!" The harbor of Old Montreal.

"The beautiful St Lawrence River waterway. Montreal was a natural meeting place for natives and Europeans for hundreds of years."
These are the graves of 38 colonists and converted Natives who died between 1643-1654. Most of these were killed in fighting with the Iroquois Indians!"
"In 1701 1300 Natives came to Montreal to sign a peace treaty with the French. Thirty nine Native Delegates signed the treaty by drawing symbols which represented their names. The Natives had no written language. This one looks like a boar."
Montreal was full of fur trappers, I found two of them."
The girls interrupted our fun day by bringing me into IGA, a supermarket, which sells Cheval, or horse meat. I did not want to be in this photo, I was faint and felt a bad colic coming on..."
"My girls are always looking out for new opportunities for me. They bought me this awesome Canadian Mountie uniform. It fits me like a glove!"
"I have appointed myself as Tony's bodyguard for the Film Festival. Here I am watching for any signs of trouble below. All Clear Below!"
"Blogging today's adventures. Je suis si chanceux!"

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