Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Traveler goes to Anteitam

"The Girls had me up and ready early this morning. Apparently it is true that there is no rest for the Wicked...

The Girls are really into History, so we headed to the Antietam Civil War Battlefield. The battle took place on September 17, 1862. It was the bloodiest single day in American History with close to 23,000 casulties.

This is Dunker Church which was in the cross fire of the Union and Confederate armies.

The battle took place right in people's backyards and houses. This old barn and farmhouse were here during the battle.
Here is the West Woods.
This sign says it all, The Bloody Cornfield...
It all looks so peaceful now.

Here is the Sunken Road, also called the Bloody Lane.

More of the lane...

This is called Burnsides Bridge. The Union Army had to cross the Antietam Creek here but the Confederates had sharpshooters on the hills.
This old tree was there during the battle. If only it could talk...

It's a pretty bridge. Antietam is such a beautiful place, it's hard to imagine what it must have been like. It was very moving and I am soo happy my Girls took me here."

Traveler crosses Burnside Bridge.


Meanwhile back at the rescue:

All the horses are well, everyone was happy and healthy today.

We did get a call from Lied Animal Shelter. There is a Pot Belly Pig there who according to them "has been here too long and has gotta go." Of course, we want to help this poor pig. We will not be back to Vegas until Weds night, and the earliest we can go to see the pig is on Friday. The person we spoke to did not know anything about the pig, sex, size, etc. If anyone would like to stop by Lied and check out "GottaGo" for us, we would appreciate it. Just let them know you are from Shiloh and would like to see the pig that they asked us to take.

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Ron said...

Very interesting Blog here. Enjoy your travels and the Civil War sites are just plain awesome. Have a fun and safe journey.

An old friend from your past.