Wednesday, August 27, 2008

In Old Montreal

Saturday was another busy day here in Montreal. As usual, my girls had me up and dressed early. The Film Festival is a very big deal here and there are many other activities in the community going on at the same time.

The girls brought me to an 18th century outdoor market...

"This will be fun!"

"I stopped to hear a street musician. I like him, but is this what musicians looked like in the 18th century?"
"Look at these old style shoes and boots! I wish I could wear shoes..."A Teepee! I don't remember the Natives using suitcases..."
Some French miltitary demonstrators drilled in the square . Some of the guys looked my way, but they didn't ask me to join them. I was upset about that, but my girls said they wanted me to stay close to them so I didn't get lost..."

"Look at this pretty lady, she must be very important!Excuse me ma'am, do you need a bodyguard? Ma'am?"

"Here come the soldiers! Are they coming for me? Over here guys! Then, the soldiers fired off some rounds, and it scared me. It was so loud that I was shaking. Maybe I'm just not cut out to be a soldier..."

Later in the car, Tony made me feel better when he asked me to keep an eye on him at the afternoon's event."

"Yes Sir!"

"I've got your back TC! Hey, watch that microphone buddy, you'll poke someone's eye out! Not too close people! You, lady with the glasses, stop making such a weird face! Give him some air..."

Another great ending to a busy day in Montreal.

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