Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Paris- Day One

Traveler traveled from London to Paris yesterday...

He traveled by Eurostar- the train that goes in the tunnel under the water!
"There is the Louvre! We have to go there this week!"
"What's that weird tower?"
Traveler watched Jill and Tony give an interview. Shiloh's documentary is being previewed here in Paris, so there is a lot of press about it!

Later, Jill and Tony get ready backstage before going on a Television show.

Traveler watches Jill... "She is doing great! She talked about this place called Shiloh and all the horses again. I hope I get to go to Shiloh someday... "

That evening, it was off to the American Ambassador's Residence for a reception. "The girls dressed me up in the latest Parisian style! Ce Magnifique!"
Actually, Traveler was smuggled in...
Trying out the Ambassador's piano...
One of the rooms...
"I found Sally in the Garden, just look at her, I can't take her anywhere... She's obviously a tourist."

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