Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Rainy Day in Paris

A rainy day in Paris, so "mis filles" decided to take me to the Museum.

We had to fight the crowds in the Metro, I led the way...

It's the Louvre, combien merveilleux!

The Louvre is HUGE!

These are the foundations of the original fortifications of Paris from the Middle Ages! I am standing in what would have been the actual moat! Tres Bien!

I really wanted to see this "Lisa" person everyone was talking about. I asked Mademoiselle "Venus de Milo" to point the way, "s'il vous plait". But, I'm not sure where she pointed, or if she even pointed at all...

Maybe "Winged Victory of Samothrace" could help."Parlez-vous Anglais?" For some reason, she did not answer me.

Da Vinci! I think I'm getting closer, here is "The Madonna of the Rocks"!

There she is, the "Mona Lisa". She is very tiny for such a famous lady. "Elle est très belle!"

It was tiring walking around the museum, so we stopped in a little french cafe. I people watched over my coffee. For some reason, whenever I am around, the girls get strange looks...

Le dessert du jour was a Chantilly sundae! "Il était délicieux!"

Again, the girls made us go underground...
These are ancient Gallo-Roman ruins underneath the square in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral. "Stupéfier!"

This was an ancient doorway! These were the foundations of the Parisii, the Celtic tribe who settled here over 2,000 years ago. The city was named after them!

Once we were back on the surface, we entered Notre Dame. Although I begged the girls to take photos of me inside, they refused because Mass was being celebrated. I had to spend the entire time in Jill's coat pocket. They even got to see the Rose Windows!

They knew I was angry, so they bought me this beautiful Parisian collar. Tonight we are off to Tony's Art Show and dinner in the Eiffel Tower! I will try to be on my best behavior so that the girls will take me out of their evening bags! Wish me luck!

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