Wednesday, August 27, 2008

London- Day Two, A Day at Harrods

Traveler was up bright and early this morning- a full day of events and press ahead!

Having some room service and watching the "Telly" to start the day off...

Up the escalator at Harrods, the HUGE department store in London.

Tony's art exhibit will open tonight, so Traveler checked out the area to make sure everything was set.

"Are all these fans for me?"

Traveler tries to squeeze in for the Paparazzi! "Hey, ignore that guy in the cowboy hat!"

Tony paints for the press...

Tony and Harrods owner, Mohammed Al Fayed...

Still waiting for his big break, Traveler supervises an interview.

Realizing that no one is paying much attention to him while Tony is around, Traveler makes some new friends.
Later, after a break at the hotel, it's back to Harrods for the opening of the Art Show...

Time for a little Champagne...

Then it's off to mingle with the London crowd...

Strolling aorund, Traveler admire's Tony's art.

Traveler even got to meet Andrea, a fan of Tony's as well as a Shiloh Supporter, who lives outside of London.

The party over, and realizing that he is special just the way he is, Traveler gets a security escort out of the store.

Off to bed- exhausted, but happy.

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