Wednesday, August 27, 2008

On the Way to Fallon, NV

We had another $48.74 donated to the Slaughter Fund, thank you!

Traveler, Jill, Sally, Sharil, and Elisa left Las Vegas at 8am and headed out to Fallon. A journey of over 400 miles. We finally arrived in Fallon around 5pm.

Traveler checks out the "Big Boss" rig.
To help pass the time on the long drive, he helped Sally bead some horseshoes.
Then he hung out with Sharil in the back seat.
Watching the scenary from the back window.
We stopped at a antique shop along the road in Beatty, NV, where we bought a sign for the feedroom.We stopped for some Mexican food for lunch.

This truck was outside of the restaurant, only in Nevada!

We made a tourist stop in Gold Field, NV an old mining town.
We visited the old cemetary....
"Let's go Sally and Elisa, we have a long drive ahead! Honestly, those girls..."

Stopping to look at the view of Walker Lake. It was very beautiful with the sky reflecting in the water. We saw wild Mustangs twice on the long drive. It was so cool to see them in their natural habitat!
We stopped by the Fallon sale yard before going to the hotel. They are estimating 200 horses to go to auction tomorrow. We have some hard choices to make, but we have some horses already added to our list. We will have to see what arrives tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to be a difficult day.
Meanwhile, Back at Shiloh. Dave arrived to find the Big Pasture like this! Where are all the horses?
Not a horse in sight! They were ALL in the trees, just hanging out! How weird is that!

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