Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Traveler's Last Day in Montreal

Today was our last day in Montreal. We had a good time and I was very busy...

"I made sure TC's interviews ran smoothly... Okay, buddy, let's move it along!"
"I kept a sharp eye out for anyone who looked odd..."
"I even sipped his drink to make sure it was safe to drink..."
"TC met the Mayor of Montreal and signed their Golden Book... Not too close Mr. Mayor! I don't care who you are..."

"I watched a crazy person dance in front of a large crowd who had gathered to watch TC's movie, Some Like it Hot on an outdoor screen. My girls said this guy was nuts but I sure enjoyed his dancing..."

"I even watched over The Big Boss..."
"I loved TC's art work. His art show was a big success!"
"I wish I was an artist..."

It's a wrap. Back home to Vegas. Next stop for Traveler in a few weeks- ROME...

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