Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Traveler goes to The Tar Pits

Traveler went along with us to Los Angeles. He hates to be left behind. We decided to take him to a museum this morning...

"What in the world is a Tar Pit? The girls must be losing it..."

Oh wow! How can this be right off of Wilshire Blvd?"

"For millions of years the area now known as Los Angeles and Rancho La Brea lay beneath the Pacific Ocean. Marine sedimentary layers formed and in some areas, fossil fuels were created. In Rancho La Brea this crude oil has been seeping out of the ground for the past 40,000 years, creating pools in low-lying areas."

"These pools would become death traps to ice age animals who would become caught in the tar and die. There have been literally millions of fossilized remains found in these pits! I wonder if this is where the girls rescued Pleistocene Shaggy, the Cave Pony?"This is the track of a Saber Toothed Cat, one of many types of animal remains found here."

"On the search to find out more about P. Shaggy's background, Sally and I follow the tracks..."

"Excuse me, do you remember an old pony around here?"

Mr. Sloth, can you tell me anything about P. Shaggy?"

Please Bison, I am looking for information on my friend..."

"This looks promising, these are the remains of an extinct horse... "Is that what P.Shaggy looks like on the inside? Yikes!"

"Surely you know of Shaggy, you both have the same hair..."

"The Pleistocene Era must have been a very scary time to live. Look at that Sabertooth's teeth! Thank God the girls got P. Shaggy out of here!"

"Sir, do you remember a skinny old shaggy pony? Surely you know something! Don't ignore me!"

"Is this the pit where the girls found him? How did they get him out of there? I am very confused, how do the girls do this rescue thing? I need to hang out with the girls more..."

Meanwhile, back at Shiloh, Pleistocene Shaggy, the Cave Pony eats the dog food...